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This site originates from a personal synthesis on the principal components that bring to the birth and realization of winning company strategy. In the last decades the change speed and the complexity have increased a lot. For this reason companies are more and more at the mercy of a daily and contingent management that, not having stable reference points, is mainly incapable to formulate and pursue strategic long and medium term objectives. This implies the need to single out the reference elements and the relations that can orient the company medium and long term choices. The work has identified six essential elements: 1) the identity, 2) the vision, 3) the internal situation, 4) the external situation, 5) the strategy, and 6) the implementation. The six elements and the entire generation process of company projects are put in analogy with the characters and the story of the Greek myth of Zeus and Io. The analogy highlights some the fundamental relations connecting the six elements and shaping the model structure. This web site presents a sum up description of the six elements and relations connecting them. For a widening discussion you can see the book (only in Italian).

  Identity - Io

  Internal situation - Argo

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  Vision - Zeus

      External situation - Hera

    Strategy - Hermes

     Implementation - Epafo

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