1st Element: the identity

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The identity (often also called culture) of a company represents the fundamental element on which built  winning vision, strategies and projects. Many times this is forgotten and companies focus themselves only on the external situation and react, day by day, to chance events without a precise average and target. Often the average is almost zero: this means the firms has only defended itself by  the external situation without any direction. The firm history helps to single out the essential elements of its identity from those accidental, the alterable elements from the appearance ones. In a world faster and faster changing the lack of direction is for sure a problem. For a single person a sincere vision having some possibilities to be winning in the medium long term can be generated only by his/her dreams and passions. Starting from the "know thyself" of Socrates, passing through the "become who you are" of Nietzsche and ending with the modern theories of leadership, the person identity is indicated as the principal energy of each vision. A vision not erected, at least partially, on identity would not probably have the strength to overcome the numerous obstacles encountered during the realization of a not trivial vision. The vision has to get the inspiration from the external situation but the energy has to come from the identity. For  companies, may times, it not much different because the necessity of involve employees has become more and more important, above all in the activities with a greater value added.

  • Know thyself. (Socrates)
  • Become who you are.  (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  • The aim of life is self-development.  (Oscar Wilde)

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