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The picture above depict the six elements to formulate and realize a medium / long term strategy. The arrows  show the principal relations bounding the six elements. The identity indicates the components, the factors distinguishing a company, that make it different from the other companies performing  in the same industry. The vision represents the dream, the inspiring target derived from the company identity and that, at the same time, gives identity to the company. It is important that the vision originates or is in relation with the company identity because, in such a case, it will more possibilities to be shared by the persons forming the company. The strategy singles out the path to reach the vision and give a operative synthesis among the dream, the internal situation (starting condition) and the external situation (bounds and opportunities). The strategy is elaborated according to the vision. The operations and the implementation have to be guided by the strategy in order not to lost energy in weakening working days without a target. The book (only in Italian) gives more about it.

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